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The Painting and Drawing Student Association-Artist Talk: SARA-JEANNE BOURGET

November 24, 2016


Sara-Jeanne Bourget is a multidisciplinary artist and a recent Concordia graduate. Having just returned from a residency in Finland, she will be discussing her practice and her experience of the art world.

This talk is part of an ongoing series presenting former Concordia students from the Painting and Drawing program, who have graduated 2 to 6 years ago. They will share their post-undergraduate experience, and the perks and struggles of understanding and become part of the art world. Alongside this, they will also be sharing their art practice.

Presenting young artists is relevant and important: the mode of communication has drastically changed over the past years, and their experiences can help us get a better sense of these changes and potential struggles and decisions which we will have to face as artists.

November 24, 2016
at the VA-323

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