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Professional Internship Request Forms

Professional internship courses are available to students commissioned or employed to work within industry or areas such as film research/archives/editing/criticism during the same calendar year in which and course is requested. 

Applicants are responsible for:

(1) finding a full-time faculty member who is willing to supervise the proposed internship

(2) completing the Internship Agreement Form with the Field Supervisor overseeing the research or employment

(3) completing the Internship Request form in consultation with the Faculty Supervisor

(4) submitting the completed forms to the Cinema Office for approval


Independent Study Request Forms

An independent study course offers a limited number of students the opportunity to pursue advanced research under the supervision of a full-time Cinema faculty member. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 is required. Independent study may not duplicate curriculum offerings. A written agreement between the student and the supervisor shall clearly state the nature of the student’s research, the scope of the project, and the work schedule. The study workload should be equivalent to a three-credit course in the program. One is required to have completed twenty-four credits in the program, and seek written permission from the Department using one of the forms below.

Applicants are responsible (1) for finding a full-time faculty member willing to supervise the proposed independent research project and completing the application form in consultation with this supervisor, and (2) submitting the completed form to the department for approval at minimum of 10 calendar days prior to the drop/add deadline (the second Monday after the term begins) of the term in which the course is requested.

Other requests and forms




Visit the Faculty of Fine Arts for more student forms and requests such as:

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  • General Student Request Form
  • Internal Transfer of Program Request Form
  • Application for Readmission
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