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Concordia alum Shea Wood shares her journey through graduate studies and work with Girl Guides of Canada | Profile in TRaCE

Shea Wood, PhD, CCC graduated from Concordia with a PhD in the Individualized Program (INDI) and an MA in Creative Arts Therapies (Drama Therapy). She is currently working at Girl Guides of Canada as the Girl Engagement Specialist and Coordinator of Girls First Program Development.

Read TRaCE’s profile of Shea Wood.

TRaCE, headquartered at Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, McGill University, is a national project dedicated to (1) collecting data about the career pathways of PhD graduates in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts; (2) telling the stories of those PhD graduates; and (3) building community and sponsoring exchanges of knowledge and knowhow among grads (no matter where their pathways have taken them), PhD students, and faculty.

TRaCE is the first PhD tracking project in the world to combine data collection and large-scale narrative knowledge gathering. More information about the TRaCE project background can be found on the white paper on PhD humanities located here.

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