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Cinema Graduate Delivers Valedictory Address at Convocation

November 22, 2017

Kris W

Dr. Kris Woofter, recent graduate of our PhD program, delivered a moving and timely address to the joint Fine Arts and Engineering Graduation ceremony held at Place Des Arts on Monday November 20, 2017. As valedictorian, Dr. Woofter asked those gathered -- students, parents and Concordia faculty and staff -- to consider the role that fear has both in the art and entertainment we choose, but also in the lives we lead. He reminded us that fear is everywhere, and that addressing it head-on, ethically, and honestly is a necessary and courageous undertaking. Woofter also invoked the related and crucial role that hope plays in tempering fear. He challenged us all to see hope in everyday acts of kindness, resisting injustice, and embracing human dignity, community and connection to others in all that we do. He ended his address with a film suggestion: Kubrick. Congratulations to Kris for his moving words, and for reminding us all about why studying movies matters!


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