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Master Thesis Defense: Ayberk Aksoy

June 27, 2019

Speaker: Ayberk Aksoy

Supervisor: Dr. B. C. Desai

Examining Committee: Drs. D. Goswami, J. Paquet, A. Hanna (Chair)

Title: Heimdallr1: A Gatekeeper for IoTs

Date: Thursday, June 27, 2019

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Place: EV 11.119


In today’s wired and interconnected world, a sheer number of devices are now able to connect to the Internet and expose the data generated by user inputs or the devices’ built-in sensors. These growing numbers of Internet of Things (IoT) devices are called smart and they range from mobile phones, smart televisions, IP cameras, household and industrial appliances, to Wi-Fi thermostats and thermometers. The reason for the avalanche of IoT devices is their convenience and remote accessibility over the traditional versions. However, as with other technological breakthroughs, IoT have major issues regarding the security of access and control of the data generated and hence privacy.

To address these issues, we propose in this thesis a system-based approach: the system consists of two parts to monitor users’ IoTs. The first aspect of this system is a firewall monitoring and controlling the incoming and outgoing traffic to and from the IoT devices which are connected to the Internet via a new generation of modem/router called Heimdallr. The second aspect is to store locally in this router the user’s IoT related data and allow a secure interaction by only the “owner” user with these data and the IoTs. A new concept is introduced in the system to ensure that any update to the IoT software is verified and certified by a central not-for-profit organization. Heimdallr would not allow any update to the IoT’s software to be made unless the update has been certified by this certification agency. The certification agency has a role similar to CSA [1] or UL [2] organizations which provide testing, inspection and certification services and are involved in setting standards.

1. Heimdallr, in the Norse mythology, is the gods’ watchman having acute hearing and eyesight.

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