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Roundtable on African Politics March 21

The Department of Political Science and the Faculty of Arts and Science present:


Although the widespread violence of previous elections was largely avoided, the 2017 Kenyan elections once again proved highly contentious, featuring court battles, a re-run, an election boycott, and competing presidential inaugurations. The roundtable examines these dynamics and places them in the broader context of democratization struggles in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Wednesday, March 21, 12:15pm – 2pm

Henry F. Hall Building, Room 1220

1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West


Nicholas Cheeseman, Professor of Democracy and International Development, University of Birmingham

Dr. Cheeseman is a leading authority on democracy and elections in Sub-Saharan Africa. He is the author of Democracy in Africa: Successes, failures and the struggle for political reform and numerous articles on elections. His forthcoming book is entitled How to Rig an Election.

Aaron Erlich, Assistant Professor, McGill University

Among other topics, Dr. Erlich works on democratization and election fraud. His article on election management in Kenya has appeared in the Journal of Modern African Studies. He has done work for the National Democratic Institute in Nairobi, Kenya.

Amy Poteete, Associate Professor, Concordia University

Dr. Poteete’s work on elections has focused on Botswana and Senegal and has appeared in the Journal of Modern African Studies, Electoral Studies, and African Affairs (forthcoming).

Leander Schneider, Associate Professor, Concordia University

Dr. Schneider has written on Tanzanian electoral dynamics for Jacobin Magazine.

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