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Guest Lecturer Rajvinder Singh Bains

November 6, 2018


The Department of Political Science, l’Association Americaine des Juristes And l’Étude Légale Stewart Istvanffy present:


Rajvinder Singh Bains, Human Rights Lawyer, lead lawyer, Punjab Human Rights Organization


"Human Rights in India Under The Modi Government"


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

7:00 pm


Henry F. Hall Building, room 1220

1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West

Mr. Rajvinder Singh Bains is one of the top human rights lawyers in the Punjab in the India who has litigated extensively before the High Court and the Supreme Court in important human rights cases.  He is the leading lawyer of the Punjab Human Rights Organization which was founded by his father and he is heavily involved in the movement against impunity and for human rights in the Punjab. 

His role with the Committee, and as a human rights lawyer and activist, puts him on the front line to witness human rights violations in India. A 1998 Amnesty International Urgent Action report deemed Mr. Bains, along with several other human rights lawyers and activists, as being at risk of possible detention and torture.

Mr. Bains will address the question of human rights in India under the Modi Government. More specifically, he will speak about how the rise of Hindu nationalism has affected Sikhs, Christians, Muslims and other religious minorities in India, the dangers for the Indian secular constitution and the fears of the Dalits, and about the Sikh victims of torture, as well as the question of impunity and access to justice. 

Mr. Bains will also address the risks faced by lawyers and human rights advocates in countries such as India. 


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