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New Publications from EdTech students and faculty

May 3, 2019

The students and faculty members from Educational Technology have been busy publishing a range of different research and professional articles.

Yuan Chen (PhD candidate-- Educational Technology stream), Saul Carliner (Professor), Ann-Louise Davidson (Associate Professor), and Salvador Garcia (PhD graduate-- Educational Technology stream) published “Exploring Perceptions of E-Books Among CEGEP Students and Faculty | Exploration des perceptions relatives aux livres électroniques chez les étudiants et enseignants au cégep “ in the  Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology.    

Saul Carliner (Professor) and Yuan Chen (PhD candidate-- Educational Technology stream) published a series of articles in Intercom, the magazine of the Society for Technical Communication, based on their census of professional technical communicator.

Articles included:

  • Who Technical  Communicators Are:  A Summary of Demographics, Backgrounds, and Employment
  • Professional Development of Technical Communicators
  • What Technical  Communicators Do
  • Job and Career  Satisfaction Among  Technical Communicators  


Saul Carliner (Professor) published “Training Technology Assessment,“ an assessment of the likelihood of adoption of 10 learning technologies, in Training magazine this January. The assessment is one of the studies covered by Carliner’s research contract with the organization. This research will be presented as one of the closing keynotes for the Society for Technical Communication Conference in Denver, May 8. 

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