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New publications from TESL/Applied Linguistics

February 28, 2019

The TESL/Applied Linguistics unit has recently seen a number of original and replication studies published in international journals.

PhD student Lauren Strachan and Professor Pavel Trofimovich “Now you hear it, now you don’t: Perception of English regular past –ed in naturalistic input

Professors Kim McDonough, Pavel Trofimovich, Phung Dao (2017 PhD graduate and Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University), and post-doc researcher Dato Abashidze “Eye gaze and L2 speakers’ responses to recasts: A systematic replication study of McDonough, Crowther, Kielstra, and Trofimovich

Phung Dao, Pavel Trofimovich, and Associate Professor Sara Kennedy “Structural alignment in L2 task-based interaction

Congratulations to all!

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