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BA Major in Theological Studies

Requirements: 42 THEO Credits

15 credits - Required Courses:

THEO 201 - Introduction to Theological Studies
THEO 202 - Introduction to Biblical Studies
THEO 203 - Introduction to New Testament
THEO 204 - Introduction to Christian Ethics
THEO 205 - Introduction to Christian Spirituality

27 credits from the following:

3 credits from: THEO 301 or 303
3 credits from: THEO 311, 315 or 317
3 credits from: THEO 206, 320 or 322
3 credits from: THEO 331, 333, 335 or 337
3 credits from: THEO 351 or 353
3 credits from: THEO 236, 242, 245, 291 or 347
9 credits: may be chosen from any of the Theology offerings

NOTE: These new curriculum changes are applicable only to students who register in the programme as of 2010-2011. With the permission of the Department, three credits in a cognate discipline may be substituted for a Theology elective.

Students in the program before 2010-2011 need to fulfill other requirements, please consult the following list of courses.

Programmes involving Theology and other disciplines are also available (consult with Department Chair). For all information regarding registration, academic withdrawal, important dates, deadlines and other similar matters, please consult the Undergraduate Program Calendar.

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