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BA Honours in Theological Studies

Requirements: 60 THEO Credits

36 credits - Required Courses:

THEO 201 - Introduction to Theological Studies
THEO 202 - Introduction to Biblical Studies
THEO 203 - Introduction to New Testament
THEO 204 - Introduction to Christian Ethics
THEO 205 - Introduction to Christian Spirituality
THEO 206 - Introduction to Christian Origins
THEO 301 - Hebrew Bible: History and Texts
THEO 393 - Philosophy for Theology
THEO 406 - Scriptural Exegesis
THEO 408 - Classic Theological Texts: Reading and Interpretation
THEO 410 - Honours Tutorial
THEO 460 - Honours Essay (3 credits)

15 credits from the following:

3 credits from: THEO 311, 315 or 317 (New Testament)
3 credits from: THEO 320 or 322 (History)
3 credits from: THEO 212, 331, 333 or 337 (Systematics)
3 credits from: THEO 351 or 353 (Ethics)
3 credits from: THEO 236, 242 or 245 (Christian Spirituality)

3 credits:

Chosen from cognate courses in Classics, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, in consultation with the Honours advisor. Students, in consultation with the Honours advisor, may choose a course in another cognate discipline.

6 credits:

Chosen from courses in the ancient and / or modern languages of Classical Greek, Biblical Greek (THEO 495, 496), Biblical Hebrew (THEO 492, 493), Modern Hebrew, Latin, French, German, Italian, Spanish, in consultation with the Honours advisor.

NOTE: These new curriculum changes are applicable only to students who register in the programme as of 2010-2011. With the permission of the Department, three credits in a cognate discipline may be substituted for a THEO elective.

For all information regarding registration, academic withdrawal, important dates, deadlines and other similar matters, please consult the Undergraduate Program Calendar.

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