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Created in 2011, through a major gift from the Azrieli Foundation, the Institute strives to foster, promote and support graduate training, faculty based research projects, conferences, public lectures and exchange programs in Israel Studies in the vastly diverse fields of archaeology, history, religion, political science, economics, art, literature, anthropology and sociology.


  • Promoting faculty-based projects and fostering research and teaching that contribute to the study of the state of Israel, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Supporting visiting professors as well as graduate students through graduate fellowships and student exchanges
  • Collaborating with Concordia academics already involved with or interested in Israel Studies, as well as other researchers in Montreal and throughout Canada.
  • Promoting teaching, research and scholarship

Our directors

The Associate Director, Norma Joseph (Religion) and Director, Csaba Nikolenyi (Political Science) The Associate Director, Norma Joseph (Religion) and Director, Csaba Nikolenyi (Political Science)

The activities of the Institute are managed by the Director, Csaba Nikolenyi (Political Science) and the Associate Director, Norma Joseph (Religions and Cultures) and coordinated by an Academic Advisory Group.  In addition, an External Advisory Board consisting of representatives from community organizations, philanthropic associations and the corporate sector was established to facilitate the Institute's outreach and strengthen its relations with the various communities represented.


Several members of the Institute are active in the Association for Israel Studies, the flagship international scholarly association of the academic field of Israel studies. For  a list of other Israel Studies institutes and centres, visit its website.

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