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The Canadian Irish Studies Foundation was created to finance the study and teaching of Irish and Irish Canadian history and culture at Concordia University in Montreal. With the generous support of individuals, corporations, foundations and associations across Canada, as well as significant contributions from the governments of Canada, Quebec and Ireland, the Foundation has created an endowment fund that is used to provide joint financing, with Concordia University, of Irish Studies. The university created a Centre which, now re-classified as the School of Irish Studies, is an academic unit within the Faculty of Arts and Science at Concordia and co-ordinates all aspects of the development of Irish Studies. 

Historic Visit of the Irish Prime Minister to Irish Studies


20170504 Taoiseach Kenny visits Montreal 028
20170504 Taoiseach Kenny visits Montreal 030

Pictured are Christopher Deehy, foundation trustee; Patrick Shea, foundation vice-chair; André Roy, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science; Roger Côté, vice-president of Services; Jim Kelly, Ambassador of Ireland to Canada; Taoiseach Enda Kenny; Jim Barriere, foundation trustee; and Michael Kenneally, principal.

Lúnasa Concert: A Memorable Event


photo Lunasa concert Trustees IMG_3010
Lunasa pic

At the Lúnasa concert at the Bourgie Hall of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on March 30, 2017, were Canadian Irish Studies Foundation trustees (from left) Richard Hart, Honora Shaughnessy, Catherine Richards, Pamela McGovern, chair, John O’Connor, Michael Shannon, Katherine Peacocke, Erin O’Brien, Stephanie Murphy, Kate Molson and Michael Kenneally, principal of the School of Irish Studies. Not in the photo but also in attendance was trustee Christopher Deehy.

The foundation sold 220 tickets and the funds raised will be used to fund scholarships for students in Irish Studies.


The Canadian Irish Studies Foundation welcomes your tax-deductible contributions, no matter how modest, to help achieve these goals. Your support will help to teach students and the general public about the culture of Ireland and the rich history of the Irish in Canada. Please send your donation to: 

The Canadian Irish Studies Foundation
1455 de Maisonneuve Ouest, Room H-1001
Montréal (Québec) Canada  H3G 1M8

Questions? You can also reach us in the ways below:

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