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Dr. Bina Freiwald

Many of today’s vital issues consist of manifold and connected elements that call for an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge and creative expression — something our Humanities PhD program, housed in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture (CISSC), is  particularly well placed to offer. We are currently accepting applications (deadline January 15th 2016) from applicants with an MA or MFA wishing to embark on interdisciplinary research or research-creation projects.

Humanities PhD students are able to create their own path and pursue original interdisciplinary projects while supported by an advisory committee of three faculty members who can be chosen from departments across the Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine Arts at Concordia. In keeping with a growing desire for new ways of knowing and making, our program also welcomes research-creation projects that combine creative expression with scholarly investigation.

To get a sense of the great variety of innovative and inspiring projects by Humanities students past and present, we invite you to peruse the current Student Profiles and look up Humanities PhD theses, including recent award-winning theses such as Mona Tajali’s, Demanding a Seat at the Table: Iranian and Turkish Women’s Organizing for Political Representation and Iona Radu’s, Miyupimaatisiiun in Eeyou Istchee: Healing and Decolonization in Chisasibi, as well as internationally acclaimed artist Adad Hannah’s, Extending the Instantaneous: Pose, Performance, Duration, and the Construction of the Photographic Image from Muybridge to the Present Day.  Since its founding in 1973 the Humanities PhD program has been a premier site for innovative research and creation, and our graduates have gone on to pursue fulfilling and successful careers in academia, the arts, government, community organizations, and the private sector.

We welcome your inquiries about how your interests may fit with our program, and look forward to seeing you at the varied CISSC and Humanities events, including the upcoming 2016 Graduate Humanities conference on Consumption and Detritus: Stories of Destruction and Reconstruction

All best,

Bina Freiwald
Graduate Program Director

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