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John Oh
Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Nanobioscience
Associate professor 
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

PhD, Chemistry at University of Toronto (2004)

PDF, Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University (2005-2007)


The OH Research group (December 2018) The OH Research group (December 2018) (Kamal), John, Ge, Kay, Xiaolei, Arman, Newsha, Twinkal, Hourieh, Chaitra

  • Bakr Noor (MSc candidate, will join)
  • Dalia Ali (MSc candidate, will join)
  • Yuhang Huang (MSc candidate at University of Victoria (academic advisor/CREATE POND) current) 
  • Hourieh Movasat (PhD candidate, co-supervised with Prof. Wilds, current) 
  • Kaynaie Huang (MSc candidate (cosupervised with Prof. Cuccia), current) 
  • Xiaolei Hu (MSc candidate, current) 
  • Philippe Legros (PhD candidate at Laval (Academic advisor/CREATE POND), current) 
  • Ge Zhang (MSc candidate, current) 
  • Chaitra Shetty (MSc candidate, co-supervised with Prof. Wilds, current) 
  • Twinkal Patel (MSc candidate, current) 
  • Newsha Arezi (MSc candidate, current) 
  • Kamaljeet Kaur Bawa (MSc/Fast-Track PhD candidate, current) 
  • Arman Moini Jazani (M.Sc./Fast-Track PhD candidate, current)

Former students

  • Sung Hwa Hong (Msc, 2015/9-2018/3; PhD/Univ of Toronto)
  • Keaton Maruya-Li (CHEM419 project Undergradate Researcher) 
  • Fabiola Faria (A visiting master student. Universidade Tecnol√≥gica Federal do Paran√° ? Toledo/UTFPR-TD, 2017/9-2018/3) 
  • Jude Victoria (Summer FQRNT fellowship/Marianopolice College, 2017/5-2017/8) 
  • Tam Nguyen (CHEM419, 2017/1-2017/4) 
  • Twinkal Patel (CHEM419, 2017/1-2017/4; RA at Concordia University) 
  • Bhupinder Singh Metneja (PhD, 2016/9-2017/4) 
  • Dr. Sungmin Jung (PDF, 2016/5-2017/4; PDF/University of Toronto) 
  • Prof. Nailing Liu (Visiting Prof, 2016/4-2017/3; Prof/Xian Univeristy of Technology) 
  • Sung Hwa Hong (M.Sc., 2015/9-2018/4) 
  • So Young An (M.Sc., 2015/5-2016/11; PhD/University of Toronto) 
  • Prof. Wangchuan Xiao (Visiting Prof, 2015/11-2016/9; Sanming University (China)) 
  • Dong Keun Lee (visiting PhD student from Korea University, 2015/11-2016/2) 
  • Eden Almakias (CHEM419, 2015/9-2016/4) 
  • Jun-Ray Macairan (CHEM419, 2015/9-2016/4; MSc at Concordia University) 
  • Jiang Tian (Peter) Liu (CHEM419, 2015/9-2016/4; MSc/Concordia) 
  • Depanita Biswas (Independent, 2014/9-2016/8) 
  • Puzhen Li (M.Sc., 2013/9-2015/8; Advanced Polymer Materials, Doval, QC) 
  • Sung Hwa Hong (CHEM 419, 2014/9-2015/4; MSc/Concordia University) 
  • So Young An (Independent, 2012-2015; MSc/Concordia University) 
  • Na Re Ko (Ph.D., 2011-2015; PDF/Kyunghee University) 
  • Yifen Wen (M.Sc., 2012-2015; Advanced Polymer Materials) 
  • Dr. Tongbing Sun (PDF, 2014-2015; Research Associate/China University) 
  • Dhamodaran Arunbabu (PDF, 2015; Assistant Professor/Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science) 
  • Alexander Cunningham (M.Sc., 2014; PhD candiate/University of Montreal) 
  • Jaric Ratte (NSERC USRA, 2014) 
  • Nathan Yee (NSERC USRA, 2013 & CHEM450 thesis, 2014) 
  • Samuel Aleksanian (M.Sc., 2013; Bio-Rad) 
  • Behnoush Khorsand (M.Sc., 2011-2013; PhD candidate/University of Iowa) 
  • Dr. Nicky Chan (PDF, 2012-2013/Sr. Scientist, Saint Gobain-USA) 
  • Kaiwan Rahimian-Bajgiran (NSERC USRA, 2012) 
  • Dr. Qian Zhang (PDF, 2011-2012; Professor/Xian University of Technology) 
  • Andrew Nelson-Mendez (CHEM 419, 2011) 
  • Shelby Wams (FRSQ Award, 2011)
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