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Guy Lachapelle

In the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump's travel ban, there has been a tremendous impact on the scientific community.

Guy Lachapelle, political science professor in the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Secretary General of the International Political Science Association (IPSA), discussed why some memebers of the scientific community are choosing to boycott conferences and other events in the United States. Lachapelle also discussed the meeting between Prime Minister Trudeau and Donald Trump in Washington, D.C.

Lachapelle appeared on RDI Matin and Radio Canada Alberta's Le café show, among others.

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The scholarly work of Concordia faculty and researchers informs and improves society on many issues that affect our daily lives. Read the most recent media coverage here:

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  • Several media outlets report on a research project involving Concordia's Grant Brown, professor of biology in the Faculty of Arts and Science,  who has developed a chemical barrier to migration of the sea lamprey — a harmful predator that continues to cause significant ecological damage in the Great Lakes. The study, conducted in collaboration with Istvan Imre of Algoma University and Nicholas Johnson of the United States Geological Survey, was published in Fisheries Management and EcologyScience DailyNet News LedgerWireService.caNewsCaf
  • Men Get Pregnant Too picks up news of research into early brain development that describes how the in utero environment can play a role in the development of brain processes in adolescents. The study was carried out by Linda Booij, associate professor of psychology in Concordia’s Faculty of Arts and Science, and researchers from various Quebec institutions, including Sainte-Justine. It was published in Human Brain Mapping.
  • University Affairs  and Academica both lead off their daily university news roundups with last Friday's Globe and Mail article featuring Concordia's SOMEONE (SOcial Media EducatiON Every Day) project against hate speech. Vivek Venkatesh, associate professor of education in the Faculty of Arts and Science and initiator of the SOMEONE project, is quoted throughout the Globe and Mail piece.
  • Viviane Namaste, professor in the Simone de Beauvoir Institute of the Faculty of Arts and Science, is interviewed for the Radio Canada program 'Dessine-moi un dimanche' about her new book, Imprimés Interdits: La censure des journaux jaunes au Québec, 1955-1975  (Septentrion, 2017). The audio link, "Le livre Imprimés interdits : Entrevue avec l'auteure Viviane Namaste", can be found halfway down the show page. Namaste discusses the book in a separate interview on Radio-Canada's 'Le 15-18'.
  • A cultural scene reporter on CBC Radio's 'Daybreak' this morning talked about a longitudinal cohort study involving SODEC and cinema students at Concordia. Male and female students will be tracked as they graduate and break into the filmmaking industry. Researchers will examine how gender discrimination may manifest itself (no audio link available).

Concordia faculty and researchers are regularly asked to offer expert, informed opinions on many of today's most pressing problems. Read some of the latest news items featuring Concordia experts:

Featured expert commentators
  • Kyle Matthews, executive director of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) at Concordia is quoted in a report (reprised by Yahoo! News and linked by My Informs) updating the story of Roghayeh Azizi Mirmahaleh, who is set to be deported to her native Iran, where she believes she will be imprisoned and possibly executed. Matthews tells CBC that there is every reason to believe the woman's and her family's concerns. Mirmahaleh's daughter, Concordia alumna and research assistant Sahar Bahrami (PhD, physics), is also quoted and is referenced in a report on the deportation case.
  • Fenwick McKelvey, assistant professor of communication studies in the Faculty of Arts and Science, appears onCBC Television's 'Power & Politics' to discuss Donald Trump's use of social media to advance his populist agenda. The McKelvey segment begins at the 1:46:45 mark.

Current students at Concordia do outstanding academic work and get involved in community projects that improve our quality of life. See what they've been up to:  

Featured students
  • posts the 2017 Réseau du sport étudiant du québec (RSEQ) football season schedule, including the Stingers' games.

Our alumni are featured in the media locally and around the world. Vist the Alumni News section to access an archive of stories or read the latest list of stories: 

Featured alumni
  • The Montrealer, featuring artist, art writer, educator and Concordia alumna Deirdre Potash (BFA '82) mentions her involvement with Concordia, where Potash serves as mentor to students in different disciplines.
  • Vie des Arts announces a show of the work of artist Jim Holyoak (MFA '11), on now through March 25 at Montreal's Centre d'art contemporain OPTICA.
  • Canadian film and television producer James Shavick (Sir George Williams University, 1972) is profiled in Fugues.
  • Ton Barbier posts a streetwear fashion photo album featuring former Concordia Stingers hockey player Oliver Door.
  • Alexandre Guinovker (BA, psychology) co-authors a piece in Les affaires about Quebecers' growing appetite for entrepreneurship.

Concordia University is often mentioned in various types of news stories. Vist the university affairs section to access our archives or read the latest list of articles below: 

Featured university affairs
  • Huffington Post, writing about the fossil fuel divestment movement on Canadian university campuses, references Concordia's Sustainable Investment Fund and mentions Divest Concordia's push for increased divestment by the university. Concordia's divestment fund is also referenced in a Yorkton This Week article about a move by the University of British Columbia to exclude fossil fuel companies from its low-carbon investment fund.
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