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Academic Journal Articles About Journalism

Primary Databases
These two databases are essential starting points when searching for academic journal articles within the field of journalism studies:

It is often necessary to search additional databases such as for historical, literary or Canadian treatments. Suggested databases are listed below. 

Articles about journalism may also appear in journals of other disciplines such as political science, communication studies, cultural studies etc., It is therefore often useful to search within the large multidisciplinary databases as well.

Large Multidisciplinary

Journalism History

Literary Journalism
  • Literature Resource Center 
    Biographical and critical information on literary journalists
  • Literature Online
    Includes primary works, reference works and literary criticism. It includes ABELL (Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature) and MLAIB (MLA International Bibliography), important databases to find literary criticism of authors. To access ABELL and MLAIB and a combined search of both databases, click on Criticism and Reference, then Criticism.


Special Retrospective
  • Index to Journalism Periodicals
    An index to journalism periodicals published between 1984 and 1996 by the University of Western Ontario's School of Journalism. Contains 24,000 citations from trade, professional and academic journals related to journalism and mass communications. While most of the titles indexed are from Canada or the USA, some international journals are also indexed. No longer updated.
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