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Program overview

The KWPMP student portfolio managers work with a real-life portfolio which is now worth over $2.5 million.

They work closely with top professors in JMSB’s Finance Department, a group of industry leaders acting as Mentors.

The two-year program is limited to six to nine participants and operates as follows:

Research Associates

First year KWPMP students are referred to as Research Associates. They assist the second year students who are the ‘Fund Managers.’

Fund Managers

Second year KWMP students are referred to as Fund Managers. Each KWPMP Fund Manager is responsible for a specific market or industry sector and must recommend the best investments in his/her sector. The Fund Managers handle all aspects of the investment management process, including the analysis of economic and capital market conditions, asset allocation and security selection.

Client Committee

The Client Committee consists of senior Investment professionals whose role is to ensure that the Fund Managers are investing in a professional and prudent manner.

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