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JMSB Co-op Admissions

Applicants from CEGEP & University

  • You must be motivated and dedicated. 
  • You must have a minimum 3.00 GPA or a 28.00 CRC (30 for Accountancy and Finance) in order to qualify for an interview.
  • You need to have at least 60 credits remaining to do in your Program Requirement.
  • For those in the 120 credit program, please apply after completing 30 credits.

How do I apply to the Co-op program?

For September Admissions:

Applying from CEGEP:

Applying from within the University:

For January Admissions:

  • Check off Co-op box on University or transfer application.
  • Or, apply to JMSB Co-op office by October 1 of previous semester

Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pass an interview to get into the Co-op program?
After you are accepted to John Molson School of Business and if you meet the requirements of the JMSB Co-op, you will receive an email concerning the scheduling of an appointment for an interview for the Co-op Program.

What happens after my interview?  How will I know whether I am accepted?
Shortly after your interview you will receive a reply concerning the status of your application.  After being accepted you will need to fill out a “Profile Entry Sheet” sent by the Institute for Co-operative Education  by mail which needs to be signed and returned in a timely manner to the Institute in order to officially declare you will be joining the Co-op program.

After you have officially become a member of the JMSB Co-op Program we will send you a personalized work-study schedule which is highly recommended you follow.

Can I do the International Exchange Program and Co-op?
Once you formalize which school you will be attending abroad, we then modify your work-study schedule to accommodate your semester abroad. 

Still have questions?

See our general Frequently Asked Questions

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