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Approved Caterers List


If you would like recommendations on the caterers best suited for your event, contact Hospitality Concordia at 514-848-2424 ext. 4947.

Fundraising activities:  Don’t hesitate to contact any of our approved caterers to see if they can help support your fundraising event.

Community engagement events: Food Services may be able to help support your event.  Please contact  to learn more.


Creativity, Passion and Innovation.
Eternal passion and creativity have made Agnus Dei a leader in Quebec's gastronomic events. Our mandate is to redefine cocktails, private VIP dinners and themed events, bringing both a culinary and sensory experience to your guests.

TEL:  514.866.2323


Our Seasons Catering menu provides healthy, delicious, sustainable and culturally diverse food for the community's events and functions.  All the food produced in our kitchens reflects our commitment to keeping food pure and simple, eating well, supporting local farms, and the environment. 

Order online here.

We keep it fresh.  We keep it local.

TEL: 514-594-3547
Marc Van Wassenhoven, Catering Manager  


Avec Plaisirs logo-2017

The healthy and socially responsible choice
Avec Plaisirs specializes in serving cocktails and business lunches. We offer fresh, healthy and delicious products as well as solutions to simplify your lives and delight your guests. Menus include a range from cold, hot and thematic buffets, compostable lunch boxes, cocktails, breakfasts and coffee breaks. Last minute orders accepted until 10AM.

TEL:  514.272.1511



Blossom by La Plaza has been a leader in catering and the event planning industry for over a decade, with a combination of refined menus and unique designs.  Blossom has become recognized as one of Montreal's premiere kosher caterers.  Blossom is able to offer all-inclusive services which include catering, designing and planning any special occasions at any of our associated venues, or at a venue of your choice.  The Blossom team has years of experience and strives to make your event an unforgettable one. Blossom by La Plaza has undoubtedly left its mark on the Montreal kosher scene and will continue to do so well into the future.

Contact: Dalia Bosis

Tel: (514)489-7111


"Chef On Call provides delicious comfort food that never sleeps. With a diverse everyday menu, and a uniquely customizable catering menu, our homemade food speaks for itself. Last minute lunches? No Problem! Multi-course dinners? We’d love to! Started by Concordia alumni, our team of Chefs would be thrilled to serve you, even 7 days a week! We hand bread our chicken, use fresh local ingredients, and take the time to work with you. Let us revitalize your lunches, dinners, and late night snacks to bring a new excitement to catered food."

Contact: Irwin
TEL.: 514-892-0737



G Catering consists of a dedicated and passionate team which strives to make every event an unforgettable one with our "turn-key" solution. Emphasising excellent customer service and high quality food.

Be it the perfect wedding reception, a student orientation or gala, you choose the venue and G Catering will take care of the rest.  Accommodating a wide range of events with our signature dishes and professional services from banquets, cocktail parties, meals, to brunches and boxed lunches for meetings and workshops. We offer full rentals, professional & courteous staff, complete bar service and flexible menus for all.

Contact: Giancinto Salerno

TEL: (514) 770-9235





Whether you need catering services for breakfast, lunch-boxes, dinner, cocktails or a weeklong conference, we'll make your event a resounding success. Ask any of our corporate and private clients we've serviced since 1987. Visit our website for some examples of past menus or consult our Full menu. We'll gladly custom-design the perfect mix for your unique event. Try us once and you'll want to come back.

TEL: 514.737.6335
FAX: 514.737.4191


The local, student-run option for healthy and sustainable food at Concordia.

The Hive Café Solidarity Cooperative strives to provide a healthy and delicious alternative to our students, faculty, and staff by demonstrating ecologically and economically regenerative practices. Our fresh and local products represent our dedication to seasonal cooking while supporting our local economy. Both of our menus come directly from our two on-campus kitchens and span a wide variety of tasty vegetarian, vegan, and allergen free options that are sure to please any crowd.




Our team of trained professionals are here to help your with your cold or hot meals, and your planned or last minute lunches. Our menu, which has a great selection of hors d'oeuvres, and our 20 years of experience in fine dining, will guarantee every one of your events is a success.

TEL: 514.937.0698
CONTACT: Roxanne Michaud



Pekarna, which means "bakery" in Slovenian, is Montreal's dessert destination. Along with being a patisserie producing a wide array of desserts and custom designed cakes, we offer freshly made sandwiches, salads, lunch boxes, brunch items and so much more. Please check out our full menu online or we could customize a menu according to your needs.

TEL: (514) 228-5222


Simply Wonderful offers full service gourmet catering for both large and small events. Fresh ingredients and creative thinking highlight the little bit of our heart in every dish. Take a look at our menus online or contact us to create one personalized for you.

TEL: 514.939.7209

Vert La Bouche

Founded to realize the vision of a fully sustainable vegan and vegetarian catering company, Vert La Bouche offers a complete line of catering services while maintaining practices that minimize our environmental footprint. We offer gourmet hot and cold buffet options, complete professional cocktail and event services and an exotic line of party platters. We deliver all the spectacle with none of the guilt.

Tel: 514.884.7693



Serving Concordia for five years has given us an exciting and diverse experience across campus, and an approval rating "off the charts!" Catering is what we do.  We cater to our clients, to your tastes, to all your needs...we make it happen!!

TEL:  514.750.2531
CELL: 450.566.1265

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