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Congratulations! You're doing everything you can to improve your IELTS score. That makes a lot of sense because countless colleges, universities, professional organizations and employers base their entrance requirements and hiring practices on the IELTS score. So there are plenty of great reasons to enroll.
The most important of which is this: you'll get a wealth of expert guidance and online tutorials to help you do your very best in the four key areas of the exam: reading, listening, speaking and writing. You'll also get the opportunity to challenge your abilities through mini exams and simulated test questions. In short, you'll get the preparation you need to increase your score to its full potential. How high can you score? Let's find out.
This course is a great way to help you:
• Improve your performance and score on the IELTS exam;
• Practice and improve the four components of the test: reading, listening, speaking and writing;
• Gain proficiency and confidence in your English skills;
This is a skills-based, student-centred preparatory course, so you'll be learning through lectures, exercises, assignments and simulated test questions. Practice and preparation are one of the keys to preparing for your IELTS exam.
• Anyone applying for a work visa, professional recognition or for permanent residency in Canada.
• Students who plan to enroll in studies at Concordia University or another institution.
• Applicants and international graduates seeking professional registration.
• Candidates for scholarships and/or professional certifications.
• English-language learners who want to track their progress.
• Students and workers applying for visas in countries that require IELTS test results.

Course hours: 30

Class schedule

September 18 – October 23, 2017
October 30 – November 29, 2017
November 04 – November 19, 2017
January 15 – February 14, 2018
February 19 – March 21, 2018
February 24 – March 11, 2018
April 04 – May 07, 2018
April 07 – April 22, 2018
May 09 – June 13, 2018
July 04 – August 06, 2018

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