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Organizer / Organisatrice:  Ildiko Pelczer (

The Montreal Math Circle will resume its activities in September with two new sessions. Please note that the level for grades 5-6 has been cancelled and a new level for grades 7-9 has been added. Below is the schedule and the link for registration.

2018-19 Mathematics Competition Calendar.  If your child is interested in participating in any of these contests, please send an email to: 



Montreal Math Circle is the beneficiary of an NSERC PromoScience Award.

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News:  Congratulations to Montreal Math Circle students Allison Tsypin and Amadeo Pop for their results in the 2018 Pascal Contest and to Bruno Cisneros for his performance in the 2018 Cayley Contest

Two gold awards and one honourable mention for Montreal Math Circle students Qinyu Cui (grade 12), Allison Tsypin (grade 9), and Bruno Cisneros (grade 10) at the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge.

For more information:

The Montreal Math Circle is an enrichment program which offers an occasion for students interested in mathematics to solve challenging problems at their grade level. The circle aims at bringing pleasure and confidence in children while doing mathematics. The problems during each meeting will be centered around a specific topic. The instructor is bilingual and will accommodate students from both English and French instruction schools. For more information, please feel free to send an email at

The first two sessions of the 2018-2019 edition of the Montreal Math Circle are held this Fall. If you would like to register your child for any of these sessions, please complete the form  A  separate form must be completed for each child you wish to register.

Cost: There will be a one-time registration fee of $60 per child for each session (taxes included) that will also cover the cost of materials for all classes in the session. This can be paid to the instructor at the time of the first meeting, in cash or by check (payable to Concordia University). The Montreal Math Circle reserves its right to cancel a certain level if a minimum of 6 participants is not attained.

Dates:     On Sundays / Les dimanches (see below)
See times for each grade below.
     Concordia University, Room:  MB 1.301 (1450 Guy Street, corner of de Maisonneuve) Map       
                Exceptionally, on September 30, November 25, and December 9, the Montreal Math Circle
                will meet in room LB 921-04 (1400 de Maisonneuve Boulevard).

Parents of children attending the circle are asked to complete the following form and bring it to the instructor at the beginning of the session:

Please note: We reserve the right to take photographs during our outreach activities or events and use them for promotional purposes. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mentorship for Mathematical Contests:  
The Montreal Math Circle is facilitating student participation in several mathematical competitions that take place during the year. Please take a look at the 2018-19 Mathematics Competition Calendar. If your child or children are interested in participating, please send an email to with the subject line Math Competition.

Montreal Math Circle is an official writing centre for the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC).

Grades 3-4 / Niveau 3-4

1:00-2:30pm / 13h00-14h30

Session 1 (2018)

Date Topic / Sujet
September 23 / 23 septembre Arithmetic:  Natural numbers / Arithmétique : Nombres naturel
September 30 / 30 septembre Arithmetic:  Order of operations / Arithmétique : Ordre des operations mathématiques
October 7 / 7 octobre Arithmetic:   Problems with numbers / Arithmétique :  Problèmes avec des nombres
October 14 / 14 octobre NO CLASS / PAS DE SÉANCE
October 21 / 21 octobre Arithmetic:  Properties of operations / Arithmétique : Propriétés des operations
October 28 / 28 octobre Logic / Logique
November 4 / 4 novembre Projections / Projections

Session 2 (2018)

Date Topic / Sujet
November 11 / 11 novembre             
Arithmetic:  actors and divisors / Arithmétique : Facteurs et diviseurs
November 18 / 18 novembre Arithmetic: problems with multiples and divisors /  Arithmétique : problèmes avec des multiples et des diviseurs
November 25 / 25 novembre Problem solving methods I / Méthodes de résolution des problèmes I
December 2 / 2 décembre Problem solving methods II /  Méthodes de résolution des problèmes II
December 9 / 9 décembre Cube constructions / Constructions cubiques
December 16 / 16 décembre Selected problems / Problèmes sélectionnés


Grades 7-9 / Secondaire 1-3

11:15 am-12:45pm / 11h15-12h45

Session 1 (2018)

Date Topic / Sujet
September 23 / 23 septembre Numbers I /Nombres I
September 30 / 30 septembre Numbers II / Nombres II
October 7 / 7 octobre Prime numbers and factorisation I / Nombres premiers et factorisation I
October 14 / 14 octobre NO CLASS / PAS DE SÉANCE
October 21 / 21 octobre Prime numbers and factorisation II / Nombres premiers et factorisation II
October 28 / 29 octobre Areas I /Aire I
November 4 / 4 novembre Areas II / Aire II

Session 2 (2018)

Date Topic / Sujet
November 11 / 11 novembre Pythagorean Theorem / Théorème de Pythagore
November 18 / 18 novembre

Angles and polygons I /Angles et polygones I

November 25 / 25 novembre Angles and Polygons II /  Angles et polygones II
December 2 / 2 décembre

Speed, distance, time / Vitesse, distance, temps

December 9 / 9 décembre Word problems / Problèmes textuelles
December 16 / 16 décembre Shapes and perspectives / Solides et perspectives


Grades 10-11 (and advanced Grade 9) / Secondaire 4-5 (et secondaire 3 avancée)

9:30-11:00am / 9h30-11h00

Session 1 (2018)

Date Topic / Sujet
September 23 / 23 septembre Number theory I / Théorie des nombres I
September 30 / 30 septembre Number theory II / Théorie des nombres II
October 7 / 7 octobre Vieta’s relations / Relations de Viète
October 14 / 14 octobre NO CLASS / PAS DE SÉANCE
October 21 / 21 octobre COMC – Trigonometry / COMC trigonométrie
October 28 / 29 octobre COMC – Functions / COMC fonctions
November 4 / 4 novembre COMC - Geometry / COMC géométrie

Session 2 (2018)

Date Topic / Sujet
November 11 / 11 novembre Polynomials I / Polynômes I
November 18 / 18 novembre

Polynomials II / Polynômes II

November 25 / 25 novembre Polynomials III / Polynômes III
December 2 / 2 décembre

Sequences I /Suites I

December 9 / 9 décembre Sequences II / Suites II
December 16 / 16 décembre Sequences III /Suites III

Venez nombreux! We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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