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French requirement

To qualify for graduation, journalism undergraduates must demonstrate a working knowledge of French. We define “working knowledge” as the ability to cover a press conference and conduct an interview entirely in French. This requirement can be met in one of five ways.

  1. Students who have graduated from a French-language high school (please provide a photocopy of your transcript showing secondaire quatre and secondaire cinq from your high school and not the copy from Quebec).
  2. French CEGEP graduates are exempt.
  3. If you are a student who is paying International Student fees up to the time of graduation then you are exempt from having to meet this requirement.
  4. If you feel you already have a good grasp of French, you can meet this requirement by making an appointment to attend an interview.  Please make sure you book in advance of the dates at the latest 72 hours in advance (three days).
  5. If you cannot pass the interview, or you do not already have a working knowledge of French, you must complete the following course: FRAN 305. Before enrolling for a French course, you must take a placement test (test de classement). Click on the link below for more information on how to write the teste de classement

French Interview dates:

  • Monday, October 21st  that 15:00 in LB-619 on the SGW campus
  • Thursday, November 21st  that 14:00 in LB-619 on the SGW campus
  • Monday, February 17th  at 14:00 in LB-619 on the SGW campus

If you plan on doing the interview it is required that you do it in your first year. Please note that you can only do the interview once. It is your responsibility to note the following:

  • if you arrive after the start time they will not meet with you;
  • if you arrive and your name is not on the list they will not meet with you, so please make sure you book your appointment;
  • appointments are not accepted within 48 hours of the interview
  • if you make an appointment and are unable to attend then you should make sure that you provide 24 hours notice.

You must bring your student ID card with you.

To book your appointment please send an email to: Please include in your email the date along with your full name, student ID number, and email address.

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