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About our facilities

The David B Frost GIS lab is a 44 seat, state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems teaching and individual study computer lab. Computers there run the latest version of ArcGis as well as support programs for Computer Assisted Design (CAD), remote sensing and image editing. A large-format digitizer, flatbed scanner and networked large-format colour printer complete the continuously-improving technological offerings.  We also have several outstanding specialized labs (see table below) as well as 4 teaching classrooms, including a dedicated Urban Planning and Design Studio.

Facilities room numbers and contacts

Cartography Studio H-1269  
Climatology, Hydrology and Paleo-Environments Lab (CHAPEL) H1240   
David B. Frost GIS Lab H-1254-2 5478
Geology Lab
Geomedia Lab H-1260  
Harry Clinch Reading Room H-1254
Landscape Ecology and Environmental Impact Assessment Lab H-1269-1  
River Management Lab H-1263  
Climate Modelling Lab H-1265  
Transportation Research for Integrated Planning (TRIP) Lab H-1230  
Urban Planning and Design Studio H-1267
Seminar room H-1252

Additional facilities

Several other departments are involved in our Environmental Science program. Visit these departments to see what facilities you can use:

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