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The Vincent, Olga, and Denis Nicolas-Diniacopoulos Scholarships

Created in 2000 through the generosity of the late Mrs. Olga Diniacopoulos. Her son, the late Professor Denis Diniacopoulos, taught at Concordia University in the Department of Communication Studies for over twenty years until his retirement in 1996. These scholarships are intended to encourage excellent full-time students pursuing undergraduate studies at Concordia University in the areas of Communication Studies, Psychology, Mathematics, or Classics. In addition, the purpose of these scholarships is to encourage students who express and can demonstrate an interest in interdisciplinary studies.


Open to Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents only, recipients must be full-time students in the areas of Communication Studies, Psychology, Mathematics, or Classics who have completed one year of studies at Concordia University. Applicants must submit a letter of intent to the Faculty's jury for this award, expressing their interest in interdisciplinary studies and explaining how receiving this scholarship will help in the pursuit of their studies and the fulfilment of their personal and professional aspirations. A jury composed of at least one faculty member from each of the four departments identified above shall select the scholarship recipients. These scholarships are not renewable.

The Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics Scholarship

The purpose of this award is to encourage and reward academically excellent full-time or part-time students enrolled at Concordia University, who are pursuing undergraduate studies and majoring in one of the following; Classics, Linguistics, or Spanish.

The A.G. McKay Prize in Latin

This prize is awarded annually to a graduating student enrolled in an advanced course in Latin who has shown the most progress in the course of his/her studies in the Latin language. The prize includes a copy of the open lectures which Dr. McKay delivered to the Concordia community in 1992-1993 and a cheque for $50.00.

The Classics Book Prize

This prize is also awarded annually by the Faculty of Arts & Science to a student in the Classics program. Candidates are nominated by the Department and approved by the Faculty Council and Senate. Selection is based on candidates' grade point average and other criteria such as, outstanding results on a project or essay, number and/or level of the courses taken, significant contribution to extra‑curricular life.

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