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Get back in touch with former classmates or find alumni in your area or field of work. Discover connections to further your career or get the gang back together for a reunion.

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Give guidance to young alumni embarking on their careers or advise those looking for a mid-career change: anything from reviewing a CV to meeting face-to-face.

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See where in the world other Concordia alumni live. Whether you are just visiting or completely relocating, connect with others who share your Concordia experience.

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How eMentoring works on Concordia Alumni Connect


When you enable the mentor status on your Concordia Alumni Connect profile, it will appear in mentor search results.

You select which mentoring services you’re willing to offer:

  • Provide advice via email or chat
  • Set up a phone call
  • Review a CV/cover letter
  • Organize a workplace visit or job shadowing session
  • Organize an in-person meeting

When someone selects you as a mentor, you will receive a notification message and will be asked to accept or decline the request.


When you search for a mentor, you can set preferences for industry, faculty, or geographic location, allowing you to find the perfect match from a wide variety of results.

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