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Sustainability & Volunteering at Concordia

Volunteering allows you to support a particular aspect of sustainability that you care about or want to learn about. Go and meet with a Volunteer Ambassador at the LIVE Centre, Concordia's volunteer hub. They will help you navigate through hundreds of volunteer opportunities on-campus, off-campus and abroad and help you find the one that's right for you!

Concordia Volunteer Fair
On-campus opportunities

Volunteering in Montreal

Montreal is a green city, bursting with opportunities that you can get involved in. Check the LIVE centre's list of current opportunities, or contact one of the following recommended organizations in Montreal.   

Sustainability Champions

Champions are Concordians who have catalyzed change, overcome barriers and had a significant impact on sustainability on campus.

Every year sustainability champions are nominated, selected and awarded at an annual event which highlights and celebrates their hard work and dedication to sustainability.

Sustainability and Safety Champion 2016

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