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We’re here to help you find and secure financial assistance through government student aid programs, scholarships and awards, and bursaries. We give you personalized, in-depth advice to plan and manage your budget so you can focus on your studies.

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  • Changes to Quebec Government Student Aid. Starting with the 2014-2015 loan year, emergency cash advances will be limited to one month's living expenses and up to $200.00 for admission and registration fees. Please contact the Financial Aid and Awards Office for further details.
  • The online application for the 2014-2015 Undergraduate In-Course Bursary Program is now available through the MyConcordia Portal! For further information, check out our announcement here.
  • Merit-based award applications now available! Most scholarships are awarded automatically based on top Last Annual GPA, and no application is required. But did you know here are some awards with extra criteria (such as an essay) that you can apply for?  Follow this link to the listing see what is available - and remember to check out the eligibility criteria before applying!
  • The Oui Can Help! French Language Bursary application is now available - click here for details.






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