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Bookending the Body Breanna Shanahan

York Corridor Vitrines
Bookending the Body came from explorations into representations of the female body. Throughout history, women were perceived always first in their opposition to men, opposition to science, opposition to vitality or strength. Taking the stories of women, and transforming those stories into corporeal form is an attempt to elevate the female narrative. The human-material hybrids cement the assertion: if women's bodies are just hands, feet, legs and arms, they still are women’s bodies.
Objects of Sound Philippe Battikha

Main Space and St-Catherine Vitrine
Following in a tradition of sound-artists and composers such as Max Neuhaus and R. Murray Schafer, I believe that in today’s visually driven society we must pay closer attention to the impact and importance aural environments play in our lives. By recontextualizing habitual sounds and exposing specific aural properties in sound installations, sculptures, and controlled sound environments, Objects of Sound explores the relationships we have to the sounds that surround us, and their affect on our spaces.
Walking With Pohanna Pyne Feinberg

Black Box
Walking With is a doctoral thesis project that explores walking as a form of artistic inquiry and expression. Twelve artists were invited to share their insights about how walking informs their practice. The artists’ ideas are conveyed through audio-visual portraits that also serve to acknowledge the generative quality of the places where the interviews transpired. Walking With is an invitation to join us in reflection: What is the significance of walking in your life?

Contributing Artists: Cam, Sylvie Cotton, Natalie Doonan, Ette, Dominique Ferraton, Sylvie Laplante, Andra McCartney, Emilie Monnet, Taien Ng-Chan, karen elaine spencer, Victoria Stanton, Kathleen Vaughan.
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