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Music Therapy graduate programs

Concordia University offers two different graduate programs in music therapy: The Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy and the Master’s in Creative Arts Therapies - Music Therapy. Both programs are approved by the Canadian Association of Music Therapists (CAMT).

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Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy

The Graduate Diploma is designed for students wanting to start new careers in music therapy.  Students with no formal music therapy training but with strong music, psychology, and health backgrounds are provided the necessary education and training to start work as credentialed music therapists immediately upon graduation.

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Music Therapy MA

The Music Therapy MA is intended for students who have completed formal music therapy studies and are already credentialed music therapists. The MA offers opportunity for advanced professional training, specialization, and research.

Combining the Graduate Diploma and the MA

Students interested in starting new careers in music therapy but also wanting Master’s level can take the two programs consecutively, completing the combined two programs in 2 years. Students who are successful in the Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy will have a place reserved for them in the MA in MT and need only complete a streamlined application.

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