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Part-time faculty

There are many part-time faculty members and all have contributed and continue to contribute to the intellectual life of the SdBI. The SdBI has a number part-time faculty members on its 10-19 list although not all of them teach in any given year (listed below are those who have taught a WSDB course in the last 3 years).

Fellows are professors from another department within Concordia University who are connected to the SdBI life. They help out on various SdBI committees, and provide support and guidance for both students and faculty committed to feminist issues at Concordia University.

Honorary Lifetime Fellows

Susan Hoecker-Drysdale

(First Coordinator of Women’s Studies 1974-75)

Maïr Verthuy

(SdBI first Principal 1978-83)

Katherine E. Waters

(SdBI first Vice-Principal in 1978)

Arpi Hamalian

(SdBI Principal 1986-89, 1990-91)

Elizabeth Henrik

(SdBI Interim Principal 1989-90)

To Become a Fellow
  • Read the conditions associated to the Fellow status
  • Write a cover letter that includes:
    • a stipulation that you have read and agreed to the above conditions
    • a brief explanation of why you would like to become a Fellow at the SdBI
  • Update your curriculum vitae

Send your cover letter and curriculum vitae to

Research Associates are individuals who are conducting research on feminist issues and who have an official link to the Simone de Beauvoir Institute. They are part-time teaching faculty, graduate students, independent scholars or professors from other universities interested in exchanging about research or conducting research in collaboration with SdBI members.

Research Associates meet regularly to exchange ideas, notably in seminars or Feminist Café events. End of terms are indicated in parenthesis.

To contact other Research Associates, please click on their link below:

Dorothy Geller (5/31/2018)

Tamara Amoroso Gonçalves (5/31/2017)

Dana Hearne (5/31/2017)

Elizabeth J. Meyer (5/31/2017)

Pauline McKenzie Aucoin (5/31/2017)

Luisa Molino (5/31/2017)

Esmeralda Thornhill (5/31/2017)

Haifa Tlili (5/31/2017)




To Become a Research Associate

Please note that the Coordinating Committee is currently working on the conditions and guidelines associated to membership and renewed membership in the Simone de Beauvoir Institute as a Research Associate. As a consequence, the Research Associate program is currently suspended and we are not accepting new requests for the Research Associate status. Those who are currently a Research Associate and are intent in renewing their status in June 2015 are welcomed to re-apply for a one-year term (simply fill out this R.A. request form, save it in PDF format and forward it to Linda Bowes along with your CV. As soon as the new process and guidelines will be established (most likely in late Fall 2015), we will post them here.

Library privileges

To get library privileges, please fill in this form and bring it to the Institute.

The Institute could not flourish were it not for the dedication and hard work of our staff! Here are those whose work facilitates the teaching, research and outreach at the SdBI.

Assistant to the Chair and Academic Advisor

Responsible for SdBI programme coordination and student and faculty files, meets with students to provide academic advising

Belinda Bowes
514-848-2424 ext. 2370

Communications and Events Coordinator

Julia Dyck
514-848-2424 ext. 2373

Documentalists at Simone's Library

Responsible for the functioning of Simone’s Library, advises students for papers and research

Isabelle Lamoureux
514-848-2424 ext. 2377

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