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Department Administration

Office of the Chair

Title Name 514-848-2424 ext
Chair Virginia Penhune 2480
Associate Chair Uri Shalev 5206
Acting Departmental Administrator Rita Buono 2207
Assistant to the Chair Linh Tran 2204

Undergraduate Program

Title Name 514-848-2424 ext
Undergraduate Program Director Lucie Bonneville 5189
Undergraduate Program Assistant Karen Holder 2223
Service Assistant Joyce Stempkowsky 2222

Graduate Program

Title Name 514-848-2424 ext
MA Program Director Andreas Arvanitogiannis 2195
PhD Program Director Andrew Chapman 2220
Graduate Program Assistant Kim Breux 2205

Clinical Program

Title Name 514-848-2424 ext
Director of Clinical Training Adam Radomsky 2202
Director of Practica and Chair of CUPIP Roisin O'Connor 2248
Director of APC Constantina Giannopoulos 7537
APC Assistant Joanne Svendsen 7550

Technical Staff

Title Name 514-848-2424 ext
Systems Analyst Steve Cabilio 7562
Technical Officer David Munro 2197
Dept Laboratory/Safety Technician Barry Robinson 2198
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