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Department Administration

Office of the Chair

Title Name 514-848-2424 ext
Chair Virginia Penhune 2480
Associate Chair Uri Shalev 5206
Acting Departmental Administrator Rita Buono 2207
Assistant to the Chair Alexandra Joy Hunt 2204

Undergraduate Program

Title Name 514-848-2424 ext
Undergraduate Program Director Lucie Bonneville 5189
Undergraduate Program Assistant Karen Holder 2223
Service Assistant Joyce Stempkowsky 2222

Graduate Program

Title Name 514-848-2424 ext
MA Program Director Andrew Chapman 5451
PhD Program Director Karen Li 2195
Graduate Program Assistant Kim Breux 2205

Clinical Program

Title Name 514-848-2424 ext
Director of Clinical Training Andrew Ryder 5379
Director of Practica and Chair of CUPIP Constantina Giannopoulos 7537
APC Assistant Joanne Svendsen 7550

Technical Staff

Title Name 514-848-2424 ext
Systems Analyst Steve Cabilio 7562
Technical Officer David Munro 2197
Dept Laboratory/Safety Technician Barry Robinson 2198

Research Centres

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