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All students who enroll in Exercise Science are automatically members of the Exercise Science Student Association (ESSA). ESSA provides academic assistance to students throughout the programs and it assures that students integrate with ease into the Exercise Science community. Learn more about ESSA.


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Potential students who would like more information on any of our programs are encouraged to call the main department at (514) 848-2424 x 3327. 
Advising for new students

Newly admitted students must attend the academic advising meetings for new students in order to receive permission for course registration. Students should contact the department secretary at ext. 3327 for the meeting schedule.  In preparation for your advising session, all newly accepted students are strongly encouraged to read the documents below.

New Student Advising Information 2017-2018

Academic Advising Course Selection Form 2017-2018

Academic Advising Form 2017


Students who have been accepted into an Extended Credit Program should read the information in the link below prior to advising.

Exercise Science Course Registration Options ECP Students 2017-18

Students who are presently enrolled in another BSc programs and wish to be considered for an Internal Transfer, are asked to please read the document below for further details.

This document targets students who want to transfer internally from another BSc program like Psychology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Math, Physics, and other Sciences to Exercise Science

Internal Transfer Procedures from other BSc programs

Advising for returning students

Returning students must attend the registration advising meetings for the new academic year in order to get their registration flag lifted. These meetings are usually scheduled between March 20th and 30th each year.  Below you will find advising materials pertaining to your particular year of study.

Students Admitted 2015-2016 (Entering year 3 of any program or 4th year of Athletic Therapy

Students Admitted 2016-2017 (Entering 2nd year)

Enrollment Appointment Dates 2017


Degree Transfers from non-BSc degrees

Students who wish to be considered for a Degree Transfer can find details and requirements below.

Degree Transfer to Exercise Science

How to Apply for a Degree Transfer

New and returning EXCI students who wish to meet with Mr. Panenic -
We would like to remind you that our academic advisor is not a "general career counsellor" and needs to limit his advising advice to Exercise Science students program issues.

To make an advising appointment with Mr. Panenic, you can:

  1. Call the department secretary at 514-848-2424 ext. 3327 or via email at


Student advising

Please review the following information relevant to your year of study in the department of Exericse Science:


CATA 365 / CATA 390 Field Internship

CATA 475 / 480 / 495 Clinical Internship


Graduate application info

Forms for supervisors and students

Research Proposal documents

  • Thesis Proposal Model
    This document provides a description of a proposed structure for the thesis proposal, with a range of length for each section.
  • Proposal Grade Form
    This form is to be completed by each member of the supervisory committee. It is returned to the Graduate Program Director after the thesis proposal presentation.
  • Graduate Activity Grade Report (Proposal)
    This form is to be submitted to report the grade for the Thesis Proposal.  It is to be completed by the Supervisor, signed by the supervisor, the Graduate Program Director, Department Chair and returned to the Graduate Studies Service Team.
  • Graduate Activity Grade Report (Thesis)
    This form is used for reporting the final grade for the Thesis. It is to be completed by the Supervisor, signed by the Supervisor, Graduate Program Director, Department Chair and returned to the Graduate Studies Service Team..

Thesis documents

  • Preliminary Evaluation Masters Form 
    This form is to be filled by each member of the Thesis Examining Committee. It is returned 1 week prior to the examination to the Chair of the Examining Committee.
  • Report Masters Committee Form
    This form is to be completed immediately after the thesis defense by the Thesis Examining Committee. It is returned to Thesis Office immediately after the defense.
  • Signature Page Masters
    This form is to be completed by the student and brought to their Thesis Defense for the committee signatures.

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