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Research and Knowledge Dissemination

The Centre strives to nurture research partnerships between Centre researchers and the community, and to support the dissemination of research outcomes to the community at large. In order to further these objectives, research programs may be supported in a variety of ways, including putting on collaborative forums; administration; publications; workshops; research seminars; and follow up initiatives to further the outcomes of research programs.

The Centre's focus is on improving the quality of community and/or organizational life. New knowledge generated will improve current practice in the local context. That is, rather than focusing on the development of generalized abstract theory, the Centre is involved in programs that express a pragmatic research-practice mix. New knowledge generated should be useable immediately by the community. As well, the Centre values the dissemination of locally produced knowledge to a larger and broader audience in order to promote the transfer of effective community practices.

Both qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods data collection and analyses within practice-oriented collaborative and joint action research, participatory action research, or participatory research methodologies are appropriate research endeavours. Simple survey research is also considered appropriate within the context of a larger research program. The Centre researcher and the community organization share joint management and use of data coming out of research partnerships. Knowledge deliverables and project outcomes may be published by CHRCS as part of its purpose to disseminate practice knowledge to a larger and broader audience.

Action Research Projects

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