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Ever left the tap on while brushing your teeth or taken an hour-long shower? Let’s get smarter about water and work together to make a positive change. Quebecers are the largest water consumers in the country; small changes can make a difference. Do your part to save water.

How Concordia’s making a difference

  • Water meters in all major buildings
  • Low-flow faucets, showers and toilets in newer buildings
  • High-efficiency washers in residence
  • Low-flow showers in residence and gyms
  • Trayless dining
  • Rain water and grey water collection system at Loyola to supply water for landscaping
  • Incorporating water mindfulness into all projects, where possible, at the university
  • Gradual upgrade of high-water-consumption equipment such as towers and chiller in favour of more efficient models.

Low-waste water tips on campus

Use a bottle filling station: Filling stations were installed to facilitate access to drinking water with the removal of bottled water from vending machines in May 2012.

  • 44 bottle filling stations on the SGW Campus in: EV, H, LB, MB, VA
  • 10 bottle filling stations on the Loyola Campus in: CC, CJ, PY, RA, SP, VL

Flush up: Newer buildings, such as EV, MB and GE, have low-flow toilets. When you flush push the handle upwards to save water.

Turn off the tap: After washing your hands make sure you turn off the tap correctly. Dripping water is a waste of this precious resource.

Report leaks: If you see a leak, even as small one, report it to Facilities Management at ext. 2400 or

Daily habits: Consider limiting your shower time and turning off the water when brushing you teeth: Little changes can make a world of difference.

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