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A new way of doing research

The PERFORM Centre is dedicated to new ways of researching better health through prevention. The concept is to rally together researchers from different fields of study, students and the local community all within a modern clinical research facility with the intent of creating an environment that will foster the pursuit for healthier living.

  • Support prevention of disease through lifestyle management (ie., non-medical approaches)
  • Non-medical universities must play a key "scientific" role in primary preventative health research
  • Assess and test its impact on the individual and the community

Benefits for researchers

  • A research-driven facility
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Ultra-modern laboratories and suites
  • Collaboration with cutting-edge specialists
  • Synergy with students, interns and instructors
  • Access to consultation and conference rooms

Featured events

The PERFORM Centre presents monthly research talks on a broad range of topics related to preventative health research.


This is a series of didactic talks in order to introduce some of the imaging facilities offered at PERFORM Centre.

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