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Research activities

ILET promotes research on Quebec’s English-speaking communities through its active support for QUESCREN’s development of: a major research grant (SSHRC Partnership), biennial community-building forums, an online researcher directory, and other research-related activities.

Educational activities

To enhance Quebec’s English-speaking community vitality, ILET supports activities promoting the continuum of Quebec’s English-language educational offer and the collaboration of English-language educational institutions. ILET will organize a workshop on educational continuum and collaboration as part of its 2018 biennial forum.

Community Forum: Minority Community Vitality through Education

ILET’s first biennial community-building forum will take place in November 2018 at Concordia University under the theme “Minority Community Vitality through Education.” This three-day event will lead to the development of research teams around concrete projects, propose strategies for improving the continuum of educational offer, and increase the synergy and focus of educational networks around English-language community vitality in Quebec.

Program Committee

  • Brian Lewis, Co-Director, QUESCREN; Professor, Concordia University, Dept. of Communications Studies
  • Lorraine O’Donnell, Coordinator-researcher, QUESCREN; Affiliate Assistant Professor, Concordia University, School of Community and Public Affairs
  • Patrick Donovan, Associate Coordinator, QUESCREN
  • Richard Bourhis, Professor Emeritus, UQAM, Dept. of Psychology
  • Rita Legault, Director of Communications & Public Relations, Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN)
  • Jennifer Maccarone, President, Quebec English School Board Association (QESBA)
  • Erich Schmedt, Executive Advisor, John Abbott College
  • Richard Schmid, Professor, Concordia University, Dept. of Education
  • Paul Zanazanian, Professor, McGill University, Faculty of Education
  • Dominique Michaud, Director of Research Development, Concordia University Office of Research (observer)


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