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Health Statistics

The application of biostatistics to real world health data

July 8 – 12, 2019


The Health Statistics Summer School,  an initiative of our Montreal Health Science Collaborating Centre designation, explores the application of statistical methods and techniques to health-related data. The statistical techniques will be married to a variety of different methodological designs used in health research such as longitudinal studies, clinical trials, and bioimaging studies. Issues around data capture and manipulation will also be explored.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify positive and negative aspects of epidemiological study designs and methods;
  2. Compare and contrast novel statistical methodologies to aid in the analysis of health data;
  3. Prepare a research protocol for the development of study in the health domain, including sampling strategies, and data collection methods, and analytic plan;
  4. Conduct appropriate statistical analyses and interpret the results from data generated in a health context.
  5. Effectively communicate the statistical considerations pertinent to unique study designs or health data such as bioimaging studies, longitudinal data, clinical trials, etc



As the School will focus on the methodological and analytical implications of study design features, the intended audience includes both statistics students (who have an interest in health), and health researchers.

List of Outings

  • A visit to the PERFORM Centre;
  • More TBA during the spring;


  • July 8: Statistical inference
  • July 9: Design features and analytic approaches for experimental study designs
  • July 10: Design features and analytic approaches for longitudinal study designs
  • July 11: Clustering and classification methods and their applications (such as bioimaging)
  • July 12: Student presentations

Financial Assistance

All non-Canadian students will be eligible for a tuition waiver.


All out-of-town students will be offered free housing at the Grey Nuns' residences. For more detail, click the "Logistics" button below.

Readings and Evaluation



Current graduate student with an undergraduate degree in a health-related discipline (psychology, biology, epidemiology, kinesiology, etc) with successful completion of an advanced statistics course and a willingness and interest in learning how to write and manipulate statistical code; OR Current graduate student with an undergraduate degree in statistics with an interest in health research are invited to send a brief letter of intent describing how this summer school will enrich their past, current and/or prospective research as well as a recent copy of their CV, and indicate whether they require financial assistance to attend.

For any questions you may have regarding the content of this course, please contact us at

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Application Deadline is April 1.

Students will be required to bring a laptop with them to classes.

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