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We know that this fall will be a unique university experience.


Rest assured that you will have access to a wide range of online student services to help you succeed academically and stay focused, healthy and connected.

Support for your physical and mental health

Concordia's therapists are available to students residing in Quebec, and nurses and doctors are available to students residing in Canada. All students will be able to access online activities to ensure that your wellbeing is front and centre.

Prioritize your wellbeing

Skills development programs to prepare you for life beyond the university

We offer several cutting-edge programs to help you develop the skills you need to successfully transition from university into the workplace. Our workshops on career-building, communications, and leadership will give you an edge when it comes to planning for tomorrow. You can also connect with career counsellors remotely to get personalized advice and strategies.

Professional services to help you stay on track financially

Going to university is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Concordia‚Äôs Financial Aid and Awards Office offers you personalized, in-depth advice for planning your budget so you can focus on your studies. The office can also help you discover the multitude of bursaries and loans that exist to help fund your education. Our staff are just an email away.

Get financial adviceLook into awards and funding for grad students

Students and staff to help you find your way

If you are new to Concordia, our Welcome Crew mentors can answer your questions about course registration, Orientation, how to make friends at university and more. All students can connect with a dedicated staff member who can point you in the right direction through our Navigator program, or by contacting the Birks Student Service Centre.

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