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Make the things you do and the people you meet a highlight of your university experience.

Connect to your Concordia community and beyond

University life doesn’t begin and end in the classroom or laboratory. No matter where you are, there will be many ways for you to meet new people and explore your interests virtually. Clubs, student groups, and online events taking place at Concordia and in Montreal will help you stay connected.

Explore your passions by joining a student group or taking part in student government University is about pursuing what matters to you. Concordia has approximately 200 student groups that will allow you to meet new friends and explore interests to complement your education. All students are invited to participate in student government to have your say about how Concordia operates.

Volunteer and experiential learning opportunities bridge the gap between your studies and the community

Life beyond the classroom is rich with opportunity. We can connect you with valuable virtual volunteer experiences to expand your network and help you develop new skills. We have adapted our experiential learning offerings during the pandemic so you can participate in concrete online activities related to your studies, either on-campus, within the community, or in the workplace.

Enhance your student experience

Hear from the Dean of StudentsExplore experiential learning

Connect with other like-minded students

If you’re an international student, Indigenous student or a student with children, we have offices dedicated to helping you navigate Concordia and provide you with resources you need to succeed. They also host events where you can meet new people.

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