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Testimonials of student volunteers

There are many reasons why Concordia students volunteer. In these videos, Concordia students and alumni share their volunteering stories.

Ankitha's Story 

Ankitha shares how the LIVE Centre helped her find volunteer opportunities, as well as how volunteering can be beneficial for international students.

Lara's Story 

Lara explains that her interests in animal welfare and the environment led her to volunteer with the Fauna Foundation, which is giving her relevant work experience for her longterm goals.

Moshi's Story 

Moshi shares how his involvement contributes to his sense of community.

Dori's Story 

Dori shares her tips for new volunteers, and explains how her experience volunteering gave her new skills like event planning and communications.

Isobel's Story 

Isobel explains how her volunteer experience has given her to tools to broach difficult topics, which will help her in her future career. 

Mandy's Story 

Mandy shares how she found a volunteer opportunity that was in line with her career goals.

Linh's Story 

Linh shares how the LIVE Centre helped her to find opportunities related to her interests, and how volunteering can help International students practice their English.

David's Story 

David shares his experience volunteering with the Friendship Circle, where he was able to give back to the community and work with kids. 

Elias' Story 

Elias explains why he got involved with the Red Cross to help Syrian refugees, and how it has been to see people coming together for a common purpose. 

Sasha's Story 

Sasha shares her experience volunteering with Agence Ometz, where she volunteered longterm and saw the direct impact she was making in the lives of the families she worked with. 

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