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Group award

About the group award

For this award, you can nominate a group of Concordians who have worked together on a time-bound project on a volunteer basis and have had a demonstrated impact on a cause of interest beyond the academic community. 

  1. The majority of group members must be current Concordia student, staff and/or faculty members
  2. Volunteers are considered members of a group if they have worked jointly on a specific, time-bound project.
  3. This award is not intended to recognize entire organizations but rather groups of volunteers who go over and above in helping organizations achieve a goal by assuming leadership of a project, or who otherwise make an important contribution to a cause.
  4. All group members must be volunteers.  Volunteering is defined as working for a non-profit organization without compensation.  Students cannot be receiving class credit.  Staff and faculty volunteering must take place outside of work hours. 
  5. Evidence of impact on cause/organization must be provided.
  6. The external community is defined as extending outside the University community. While the group's work may have taken place on or off campus, nominators must make a clear demonstration of how its members supported a cause that reaches beyond the interests of the group members, their peers and the academic community.

Selection Criteria

  • The group members’ demonstrated initiative and leadership
  • The extent of the group members' volunteer engagement
  • The demonstrated impact of the project on the external community beyond the academic community

Nominate a group

Please submit the following by email to before the deadline:

  • A letter (max 2 pages) describing the project undertaken by the group (its duration, content, objectives and impacts)
  • The names, contact info and status of each group member (student, staff, faculty, alumni or member of the community at large)
  • Supporting documentation

Nomination deadline

The nomination deadline for the 2022 Awards is February 14, 2022.


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