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Hello! My name is Rima and I’m in my fourth and final year of Psychology at Concordia! I’m a big fan of thrifting, baking, and listening to fun podcasts. I also really enjoy spending time with family and friends, and I’m always game to try out new restaurants and cafés. As of late, I’ve been cooking up a lot of new recipes at home with my roommate!

If you’re new to Concordia, I just wanted to take the opportunity to say Welcome! Starting university can be a really challenging transition, but the mentors are here as a resource for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out – we’d love to hear from you!

The one thing I wish I would have known back in my first semester is... how important it is to get involved! Whether it be by joining a club, attending events, or simply forming a study group with classmates, making friends and building connections is a great way to make university that much more memorable.

A tip I have for new students is… I find it really helpful to fill out a semester planner at the beginning of every term. It makes it a lot easier to see all my due dates and plan for them in advance. I also like to create a weekly schedule with designated times for classes, studying, work, and down time (especially for those super busy weeks).

The Student Success Centre has a bunch of handy worksheets on time management that I highly suggest checking out!

My favourite part of being a Concordia student is…  the warm and welcoming environment! Not only are the staff and students really friendly, but there are so many support systems in place to help Concordians succeed.

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