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Three words that describe me: Determined, outgoing and adventurous.

In my spare time I: go to the gym, go for walks on Mount Royal, read, watch movies, and catch up with friends, especially over a cup of coffee or tea!

My secret spot to study on campus: I love to study at the Hive on both campuses or the Webster library. One thing I love about the library is that you can change spots throughout the day, and you will always feel like you’re going somewhere new.

Favorite, affordable off campus food option: Boustan is an all-time favourite, but I also love Bombay Mahal or sushi from Épicerie Coréenne et Japonaise. I also love Kafein on Bishop, which is a great study spot, especially if you’re with friends!

In my first year I wish I knew: That I should take full advantage of all the services and opportunities that Concordia has to offer. Whether it be making an appointment with a career counsellor at CAPS, or simply going to a program-specific event, there is always something out there to enrich everyone’s university experience.

The thing I like most about Concordia is: Concordia is full of bright and friendly students and the overall environment is super welcoming. Most students are genuinely happy to see their peers succeed and almost everyone is willing to help when someone needs support.

My success tip for new students: Carry an agenda so you can plan for exams and assignments far in advance. I also find it helpful to spread my studying across the week. Not only does this help with concentration (studying for 10 hours in just one day can be a little draining), but reviewing the same topic on different days can also help with recall on exams!

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