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Please note that due to COVID-19, all campus accommodation and housing has been suspended for the year.

Finding an apartment

An excellent transit system links Concordia to most neighbourhoods on the island of Montreal. Each neighbourhood has its own unique flavour. Part of the fun is finding a spot that captures your imagination and fits with your budget.

Montrealers have their own way of describing the size of an apartment. 

     1 ½: studio apartment, i.e., one large room with a bathroom and kitchenette
     3 ½: kitchen, living room, one bedroom, bathroom
     4 ½: kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, bathroom
     5 ½: kitchen, living room, three bedrooms, bathroom

Many apartments do not include the cost of heating and hot water. Some apartments do not come with appliances (stove, refrigerator, etc.). In that case, you will need to bring or buy your own.

July 1 is traditionally the most popular day to move in Quebec, meaning you may be competing with a lot of other apartment-seekers. But you’ll also have more choice, since that’s when the majority of apartments become available.

Could you use a little help?

  • Concordia is partnering with Places4students, where you can view apartment listings (including sublets) and roommate profiles.  
  • Hojo, the housing and job resource centre run by the Concordia Students Union, is another great source of housing classified ads and guidelines for tenants. 
  • offers an overview of Montreal neighbourhoods and other valuable information for students looking for accommodation in the city.
  • Learn more about renting in Montreal.

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