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Organize funding*

* loans, bursaries and scholarships available

Our Financial Aid and Awards Office offers personalized, in-depth advice on organizing your finances.


Scholarships are based on academic achievement, along with other criteria in some cases. 

You're automatically considered for entrance scholarships when you apply to Concordia, meaning there’s no need for a separate scholarship application. If you’re offered a scholarship, you’ll find those details in your offer letter, or your Faculty may contact you directly.


Students in financial need may be eligible for a bursary. To apply, complete the “Entrance Bursary” form on MyConcordia, starting in March.

External awards

Privately funded scholarships and bursaries sponsored by external associations, companies, foundations, societies and clubs are listed at

Government aid

Concordia participates in all Canadian government student financial aid programs as well as the United States Federal Student Aid program. Apply to the financial aid program in effect where you currently live. Apply early to receive your funds on time.


Eligible students can work on campus up to 20 hours a week (to a maximum of 200 hours per term). Work-Study is a great way to acquire valuable job skills, build your resumé and get involved in the Concordia community.

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