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Confirm your offer

Your offer is valid for the term to which you have been accepted. 

Follow these steps to accept your offer of admission.

  1. Log into
  2. Go to “My Student Centre.”
  3. Under “My Application,” find “View Status.” Click on “Accept or Decline Offer.” 
  4. Pay the $100 admission confirmation deposit, which is non-refundable, but will be applied towards your tuition once you register for courses. Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off, so the payment screen can pop up.

Questions about your offer letter? Consult our glossary.

Your Admissions Officer can also answer questions about your offer of admission. His or her name and contact information appears in your offer letter.

Cegep students

If your application status in your Student Centre shows you've been admitted, but you don't have an admission letter yet, don't worry! Your letter should arrive by email within a few weeks.


You do have the option of deferring your offer of admission. There is no rush to make the request. We will start to process deferrals in early December. You have until January 19, 2021 to make your decision and email your admissions officer. Include your ID number and make sure you indicate you want to defer to September 2021. Deferral requests will be processed starting December 1.

You do not need to pay the $100 confirmation deposit to be deferred. If you have already paid the confirmation deposit, you will not need to pay it again if you defer.

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on deferring your Offer of Admission from Concordia, this does not mean you have permission to study at another institution. If you plan on studying at another institution or if you accept an offer from another university, you are technically declining Concordia's offer. You will need to re-apply for admission and be re-assessed if you desire to come to Concordia in the future.

What is a degree?

We take it back to basics by explaining what a degree is and how it works.

My Student Centre

My Student Centre is your self-service dashboard.

Registration —  get important dates
Academics — consult class schedules, exam schedules, booklists, grades
Financial matters — see your account balance, pay your tuition, get tax receipts
Contact information — update your address, email and phone number

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