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Research conduct

Have you been accused of fabricating or falsifying data, or plagiarising information in your research paper or thesis? We can support you.

As students, you work with ideas every day – some of them your own, many of them you have learned from the work of others. Academic integrity, also known as academic honesty, requires acknowledging other people’s ideas and the role they play in your own work.

Even if you’re a student with an impeccable academic record, you still have the responsibility to ensure all your research is done ethically and honestly. If you commit any form of research misconduct, it does not matter if it was done intentionally or not, an investigation will still take place. 

Graduate students

Although this policy applies to all degree levels, as graduate students, you are held to a higher standard. If you commit any form of research misconduct, sanctions will apply whether you have graduated or not. After graduation, you are at a risk of getting your degree revoked from the university.

If you have received a notice of Research Misconduct we strongly encourage you to contact us. Our advocates can offer your support and guidance through the whole process.


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