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Workshops & prevention education

The Sexual Assault Resource Centre offers workshops on a variety of topics.  

Consent Conversations: Ask, Listen & Respect

Learn about consent; what it is, why it’s important and how to ensure that you have it before engaging in sexual activity with your partner. Knowing how to ask for, and give, consent will not only make your sex life more fun, but will also ensure that your partners’ (and your own) boundaries are respected.  

I’ve Got Your Back:  Take Action to Prevent Sexual Violence

Have you ever heard jokes, comments, or witnessed behaviors that could lead to sexual violence? Did you want to say or do something but didn’t know how?  Learn the tools and skills needed to go from passive to active bystander so that you can stand up and speak out safely against sexual violence.

Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Assault

How would you respond if someone told you their story? Get the tools you need to be a supportive partner, friend, family member or ally to a survivor of sexual assault. Learn about helpful and harmful reactions, skills for active listening and the short and long-term impacts of sexual assault on survivors and the people close to them.

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