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The Sexual Assault Resource Centre provides confidential and non-judgmental support and services to Concordia University students, staff and faculty of all genders and orientations who have been affected by sexual violence and/or harassment.


Our work and our values

Through education and awareness raising initiatives, the Sexual Assault Resource Centre is committed to working towards the prevention of sexual violence and harassment. Our services include crisis intervention, advocacy, accompaniment, outreach and referrals. We are committed to providing services that are inclusive, appropriate and relevant to a diversity of people and survivor experiences.

The following values guide our approach to service delivery, outreach and prevention efforts:

  • Survivor-Centred. We support survivors in making decisions they identify as the right choices for their individual needs.
  • Feminist. We believe that preventing sexual violence and harassment begins with critically exploring gender expectations, stereotypes and labels.
  • Intersectional. To prevent sexual violence and harassment, we need to explore power imbalances based on racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and other interrelated expectations and stereotypes.


The Sexual Assault Resource Centre offers services to Concordia students, staff and faculty of all genders and sexual orientations. These include:

  • Crisis intervention and support for individuals who have experienced, or been affected by, sexual violence and/or harassment
  • Advocacy for survivors when accessing on-and off-campus resources for support and/or redress
  • Accompaniment for survivors who choose to involve the hospital or judicial system
  • Referrals to on- and off- campus resources for support
  • Educational outreach and awareness raising activities on sexual violence, harassment and related topics
  • A resource centre for information on sexual violence, harassment and related topics

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