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Our goal

1. Safety

2. Respect

Residents sign a lease that includes the Code of Community Living Standards and Discipline. The code is there to guarantee that every resident has a comfortable and safe place to live. Familiarize yourself with the code before you move in.

The basics

Smoking – Our residences are 100% smoke-free facilities. It is illegal to smoke (including e-cigarettes/vapes) in any room, including common areas.  Residents who smoke must do so outside. 

Cannabis – Cannabis in any form is not allowed in residence, or anywhere on campus

Drinking – Drinking is allowed only in personal residential rooms. Open alcoholic beverages are not allowed in common areas anywhere inside or in the garden (GN) or elsewhere on campus (Loyola)

Noise and quiet hours – A resident’s right to reasonable quiet and a good-night's sleep takes priority over another resident’s need to make noise. Quiet hours begin on weekdays at 11pm and Friday & Saturday at 1am. During exam periods, 24-hour quiet hours are in effect.

Damage to property – Individual(s) responsible for willful or negligent damage to residence property will be responsible for the repair costs.

Getting locked out or key replacements – If you lose or misplace your room key, Residence Life charges $5 for an RA or staff member to open your room  for you. There is a $20 replacement charge for lost keys. All charges are posted to your student account.

Harm and/or threat to another – Violence, physical aggression, or harassment of any kind is not tolerated in residence. Period.

Appliances in rooms – Prohibited items are listed in your lease. Included are kettles, coffee makers, space heaters, rice cookers, blenders, etc. Common rooms already have coffee makers, kettles and microwaves for your use. Some appliances are fire hazards, others draw too much power and might leave you in the dark for the weekend. Some are both. When in doubt, leave it at home.


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